Yesterday was so fun ;A; <3

If you guys see a video of a Megane!Noiz dancing, pretend it wasn’t me, and pretend I’m male as fuck.


Getting ready for the last day of con this morning, I stopped by my boyfriends house, and he has an adorable bunny and then I thought it was a great idea to play with her in my Noiz’ clothes, but….

"Hi, Dan~!!!"


"…Dantalian….  Dantalian, Let go. Let go my tie, please. STOP CHEWING MY COSPLAY!!!"

There’s a small hole in my tie, and she was able to take of my buttons.
Bad idea.
The cutest bad idea ever, but still a bad Idea xD


It’s so cold outside I just added a third pant to Noiz’s.
And another t-shirt. =-= And I woke up coughing and just wanna lay in my bed with my pet bunny. 
Last day of con, here we go. I wanna come back early, but my bf wanna watch the An Cafe show in the night ;-;


In love with this one ;v;
Me as Konoe~
Rai as Rai

(…? it sounds kinda weird but I’ve just called Rai by Rai ou seme since we first met…. >_> Milord as rai?) 

Photo taken by Lockhart from Otakucompany.


Preview for next Saturday~


Me as Konoe, at Anime Friends 2014, São Paulo, Brazil.


Yesterday Con
Rai and konoe


Yestarday Con.
Asato and Konoe.


Best photos from this con ‘v’ 


Back from the con~ I have to choose photos. Edit photos. Upload photos.

It was a … very weird con…
Cosplaying as Konoe is a pleasure for me. We hadn’t gathered ribikas since 2012. That con we had only Konoe, Rai and Firi. Today we had Asato, Rai, Konoe and Shui, (Firi wasn’t able to go).  

So I was very very excited. I was so excited that I sewed Shui’s by myself in 2-3 days, while everyone believed Shui won’t be able to join us this con!!! And I never sew anything for the others! D: One prop or another, maybe. But sewing ?! (and, so, you guys can see i wasn’t able to do a tail, so, Shui used Konoe’s  >_>;; Sorry.)

Some bad things happened. In the end of the day, Rai and Asato fought, kinda for real. I’m not sure if Rai won’t punch Asato next sunday (the con will continue, and we three will only be together again next week). It was in the end of the con.

Konoes curse marks… melted?…. But is was my fault because i was dumb to go play Just Dance before taking pictures. So…. Next time I’ll be smarter…(I have a video of Rai and Asato dancing at Just Dance, btw.)

Except for this, I had a lot of funny. Asato has a lot to learn. Like don’t be afraid when I touch the damn cat. And stop looking to the camera while taking photos. And to not get Rai upset. For real.

When I was with Asato and Rai, Shui was gone, then Shui came, Rai disappeared,  Rai came back, Asato went to buy candies. Asato came back with fucking peanuts that weren’t candy and that’s wrong, because i was expecting candies…. AND SHUI WAS GONE AGAIN. That’s so messed up!!!!

Well, I’ll go to the infinite photo editing now. I just stole one of Shui’s photo to illlustrate this xD


I’m a normal human being crossing the city to take the subway. No one will notice Asato’s sword >_>….. And that’s why Asato asked me to keep it? Damn you.


Kaltz’ one is all stained, and Razel’s won’t fix. But Froud and Verg are ok. I should have printed two of each one , but I didn’t. My fault.

Well, the con is today and I won’t be able to print and apply the fixing, so, we’re doing it this way….


This pretty much sums what i spent the last week time everyday after work.
And it also explains a  lot about why my friends shouldn’t let their cosplay things with me. 

'v' Don't wanna give Asato his sword, it's fun to play with it.

;-; the con started yesterday, but i’m only going the day after tomorrow. I’ll be Konoe, as always, btw.

Well, I should stop playing with this things and concentrate in Konoe’s devil marks. See you guys when i come back with con photos.


There’s one week to my country’s biggest convention, and Shui / Asatos’s things are still here. I think I’ll deliver all cosplays to the con…. I only hope Shui’s orange belly thing fits, I’m not used to sew cosplays to my friends, specially without their presence.

I still have to sew Shui’s skirt, everyone cat-ears and print Konoe cursed marks to the tattoo paper I have never used before D: