Hi, guys.
in the last few days I have gain some followers, I’m not sure what I did, but you guys are here, so you’re expecting something, right? 
I’m currently trying to graduate and finish my college thesis and things are kinda hard. Right now occupation is looking at all the stuff I’m supposed to finish and cry. 

I don’t have much time to reblog things, and even less to produce things.
Take it easy on me, people.

Meanwhile, have some pictures of me being a stupid piece of shit and pursuing a rooster in the last Lamento photoshoot I took.



Cute Lamento illustrations by 盖洛达

*Permission to post was given by artist*



Pixiv ID: 38183643
Member: 盖洛达

*Permission to post was given by the artist*





I’ll always be with you. (x)


This will be my favorite photo ever with this cosplay. EEEEEVER

(A shame It was taken with a cellphone xD)

(because one upon a time a bakaneko forgot the memory card for the camera)


I just opened, by pure curiosity, a cosplay photo at facebook, because my friends were on in it. I just wanted to see my friends being happy in their cosplays.

But suddenly, in the comments, I saw a HUGE hate wave against another friend (he isn’t even in the photo!) .Someone said out of nowhere that he wishes to cosplay that series too, and people started to openly say that he would ruin the character and that they don’t wanna him to cosplay it, and that if he finishes the costume they refuse to have him in their group and… I know this kind of think happens, but I’m kinda shocked about how open and explicit these people were.

I’m supporting this friend cosplay from some time ago. He isn’t a great cosplayer, but he’s happy, and is really enjoying working in this character, talking about it with me all the time.

I’m kinda angry and kinda sad. Didn’t expected THESE people to do this. I wish I have enough time to go to the comments and tell everyone to go fuck themselves, but they would reply and I’m really late with my graduate thesis, so I think it’s better to stay quiet now and help him to to his best.


I went to took some cosplay photos today and there were litlle… LITLLE MONKEYS (… erm… I have no idea this fucking monkey name in english. Here we just call them Sagui)
I’m the kind of person that wanna hug cute things.
A shame I coudn’t ;-;



shui&leaks XD

BTWtoday(8.23)is my bthday


Back from the surgery yesterday. Still refuses to talk to us.
We also discovered the male one is also a girl… Well, it happens.



Click here for larger image.
(Apologies that the file’s been compressed. You can download an HQ version here.)

Here’s the final product of the Nitro+Chiral fandom collab. that’s been going on for the past two months. Everyone picked a favourite N+C character and drew them, and this is the result.

As always, a huge thank you to everyone who got involved! It all looks amazing, and I’m proud to have been involved in it.

Credit to everyone who participated below the cut.

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I should properly scan it.
But you guys can have a cellphone picture instead xD


Not allowed to have plushies in my bed until 100% healed.
I’m not sure what my mom means by them “taking up so much space in the bed”



what do people who aren’t obsessed with fictional characters do with their lives


Forget me and just see how cute my little Dantalian is.